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Hospitality IPTV solution

Product information

Hospitality IPTV solution

io83 offers IPTV streaming solutions for the hospitality market, like hotels, motels, bed & breakfast and bungalow parks. The hospitality IPTV solution is managed, cloud-based, privately branded and available to any property with a broadband internet connection. Our technical solution does not include any content distribution rights.

What's in our hospitality IPTV solution

Guest expectations are changing, explore what's included in our product.

TV solution

White-label, modern TV solution with a simple-to-use user interface, supporting hospitality TV's from market-leading TV manufacturers. TV signals*, high quality streams, tools for branding and line-up configurations and monitoring are all included.

Property information screens

Attract attention to the information and impressions you want to share with your guests. Ranging from information about opening hours of your breakfast buffet, to bicycle rent, room service or promotions on special activities.

Various interfaces integrated

With our full integrated user interface, guest are redeemed from various separate user interfaces, and now have one intuitive user interface from where they can access what is important to them.

* = applicable to those available

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Tailored for your situation

Independent of the size and situation of your property, our product is tailored for you!


Whether you want to use DVB, IPTV or OTT signals, our platform supports it. Configuring the optimal setup for your property, to provide an excellent watching experience.



Customize the TV service to match your corporate design and extend the overall guest experience by providing impressions from your facilities.


Size independent

Our service is in reach for properties, independent of the number of guest rooms. From small boutique hotels to properties with a large number of rooms.


What's needed to deploy our hospitality IPTV solution?

Thank you for your interest in our hospitality IPTV solution. Below you will find what's needed to start with our TV solution. Please contact us if you want more information.

Checklist requirements property:

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Cabled internet connection in guest rooms
  • Philips MediaSuite TV's (HFL5* & HFL 6* series)

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Content as added value

Content distribution rights are not included in our offer, since this is typically an agreement between the hotel and the representing party for the broadcasters and film studios. We offer support in getting the required content distribution rights agreements for you in place.

Premium content in (ultra) high definition is available as TV channels, but also as video-on-demand assets. You can configure these to be available to all or a sub-group of your guest rooms, and if the premium content is complimentary or can be bought per collection or per asset.

Make the difference in your guest's content experience.