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TV Solutions for Healthcare

Increase your efficiency and your service level

Give your patients and residents what they're looking for by providing a modern and intuitive service on their television.


Standard, our TV solution includes:

  • Modern customisable user interface
  • Linear TV streams
  • Third-party apps (e.g. Netflix, Disney+, HBO)
  • Chromecast functionality


Our TV solution for independent hotels offers:

  • Collect patient food menu choices
    Patients or residents can easily select via their TV, the meal they want to have for dinner. Efficient, and possible to display example photos of the meal.
  • Patients can register for activities
    Activities organised for your patients or residents, are clearly listed and described. When a patient or resident wants to join, registration can be done with a simple click.
  • Photos shared by relatives
    Relatives and good memories are important for everyone's wellbeing. It's easy to share photos of those precious moment with the patient or resident, and display them on the TV.

Impressions of the TV User Interface


Healthcare TV Features Explained


Easy to use
To make the TV service available and accessible for everyone, we aim to take away the hurdles that some users could experience. The TV user interface therefor is also available in high contrast, with large font sizes, and easy to understand images.
Healthcare systems
Our TV solution can be connected to your healthcare system, using API's. That way, it is possible to interact from the TV of the patient or resident, towards your existing systems for applications such as: food choices, activity registrations, ordering additional services and viewing various status' from existing systems. These and other implementations can be implemented on request.


“Easily showing photo albums of relatives on the TV screen is highly appreciated by our residents.”
“Previously we had paper registration forms in the kitchen with dinner menus per resident. Most residents now simply choose their dinner menu via their TV.”