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TV Solutions for Independent Hotels (10-100 Rooms)

Let your hotel's unique character work for you

Give your guests what they're looking for by providing a modern and intuitive service on the hotel room television.


Standard, our TV solution includes:

  • Modern customisable user interface
  • Linear TV streams
  • Third-party apps (e.g. Netflix, Disney+, HBO)
  • Chromecast functionality


Our TV solution for independent hotels offers:

  • Show unique character of hotel
    Each hotel and its environment has its own unique character. Bring the right atmosphere to the hotel room and entice your guests to discover your hotel further. A nice garden or beautiful conservatory with the possibility for a high tea. Or an extensive buffet or wine tasting. By showing, you trigger your guests to use the facilities, which leads to an improved customer experience.
  • High quality tv streams
    Often we encounter hotels providing low quality TV signals. Check out our streams and be amazed about their quality.
  • Available for hotels with 10-100 rooms
    No outrageous startup fees. No high minimum purchase volumes. Because we believe that qualitative TV solutions should also be accessible to hotels with 10-100 rooms.

Impressions of the TV User Interface

Home screen
Home info page
TV channels
TV channel

Independent Hotels Using Our TV Services

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De Durgerdam
Morgan & Mees Rotterdam
Hotel Omega Amsterdam



“It is a relief that we have switched to the hotel TV service of io83, this just works. The interface does justice to our beautiful hotel and the quality of the TV streams is top notch!”
Joey Woltjes, General Manager, Bistrotel 't Amsterdammertje
“Our guests appreciate the video quality of the TV streams and the ease of use of the hotel TV service. It complements our boutique hotel.”
Nick Hessing, Hotel Manager, Hotel De Kastanjehof